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The Raconteurs "Raconteur Action Pack" Compilation


WBR approached me with the task of promoting the new record from The Raconteurs with one caveat – the band would not be available to participate. I proposed this 3-part storyline featuring the discovery, development and distribution of “The Raconteur”.

Part 1: “From Old To Gold” – This homage to Antiques Roadshow introduced “The Raconteur”. We designed the hero prop to feature moving parts, glowing lights and a puff of smoke at the end. The prop is now owned by Jack White and sits on a shelf behind the counter at Third Man Records in Nashville. A microsite and YouTube channel were created where fans could upload their own “old to gold” finds.

Part 2: “Infomercial” – We created a modernized version of “The Raconteur” with a jug-band guitar hero vibe. We also integrated a functional toll-free telephone line to extend the interactivity of the campaign. This was accompanied by a tongue-in-cheek press release that ran as actual “news” on a number of outlets with less-than-stringent fact-checkers.

Part 3: “Raconteur Action Pack” – In this final spot of the campaign, we were able to incorporate performance footage of the band by inserting them into our vintage on-set television. We shot this on location in Oregon and ended up creating a variety of deliverables, including an exclusive Bluegrass version of the song featuring Ashley Monroe & Ricky Skaggs.

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